Grandma x Daniel Lutheran - Non-Profit Deck Raffle Ticket

  • $10.00

  • One Person will be picked from the raffle ticket purchasees; each ticket is $10. When the raffle is ended, the winner selected will have the board sent to them at no extra cost.
  • This time around, instead of recycled keychains, Grandma is teaming up with their local legend & Toy Machine pro Daniel Lutheran for a limited run of 50 guest cruiser boards; 1 deck per shop.
  • 9" Shaped deck / 14.25" wheelbase
  • The idea this year is to send one cruiser to each participating shop with the goal of raising $300 through physical raffle ticket sales. $300 per shop, $15,000 raised in total is what we’re shooting for.
  • These boards also feature unique laser-split top-plys, our signature engravings, and graphic artwork from Daniel himself. Included as well are stickers and a high-quality, repurposable poly bag.