Vans x Quartersnacks 11/11 11:59:59

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Vans is proud to present a collection with New York’s Quartersnacks that captures the spirit of what both brands stand for: skateboarding as the ultimate outlet for creative self-expression, a form of escapism, and a celebration of the eternally youthful mindset of skating the streets, day-in and day-out. 


Quartersnacks got its start as just that—a constant, relatable source for skaters in New York City and the surrounding area during a time of great uncertainty. Today, 15 years later, Quartersnacks has expanded beyond those humble beginnings, as a staple in skateboard culture and style. A shared DNA takes shape naturally with the Vans x Quartersnacks collection, a two-pack of Pro Skate shoes designed with simple sophistication and a nod to retro skate fashion.  

Releasing Online 11/11 11:59:59

Instore 11/12

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