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Quick Little Review of the newest Nike SB mainline model with longtime fam Nick Savoca. Look for Nicks signature shop collection and Day in the life coming this Spring.

Where you from?

South Plainfield New Jersey


Who is taking care of you these days?

My good friends at NJ Skateshop and Nike SB


You recently got an early pair of Nike SB Vertebrae  and curious of what you think? 

I'm diggin them. Feels good to skate right out the box, flicks good, grips really nice, and there's a lot of support so it doesn't hurt to jump.


Anything that stuck out to you that was different from other Nike you have skated? 

I like the hints of an Air Max it has when you look at but still looking like a skate shoe at the same time. And it has lace loops, which is always nice.


What do you think about the board feel?

Board feel is great. Theres enough cushion in the shoe to feel protected but not too much to where you can't feel your board. 


Thank you Nick and anything to close with? 

Get this shoe from your local skateshop. You'll look cool and you'll love them.

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