NJ X Vans Brick Collection

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On March 20th, 2020, NJ Skateshop will celebrate the city of Sayreville with a Vans Skateboarding collection inspired by the iconic brick company that birthed the borough's namesake, Sayre & Fisher.

In 2003 NJ Skateshop opened its original door at 389 Washington Road, Sayreville, New Jersey, the hometown of NJ’s owners, Steve Lenardo, Troy Jankowski and Chris Nieratko. As we well know, our town was one big clay pit before being named, Sayreville, in the 1860s after James R. Sayre Jr, one half of the Sayre & Fisher Brick Company.  

Over the 120 years that the Sayre & Fisher Brick Company had been operational from 1850 to 1970 it became one of the largest brick manufacturing companies in the world, producing upwards of 6.2 billion bricks by 1950. The S & F Brick Co, built the base of the Statue of Liberty, as well as the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center. Sayre & Fisher also baked the bricks used to build up every East Coast city from Richmond to Boston.

What most may not know is that some of the most iconic skateboard spots on the East Coast are made with Sayre & Fisher bricks. To pay homage to their first location where they remained for a decade until closing after Hurricane Sandy, as well as the S&F Brick Co and their skateboarding roots, NJ Skateshop partnered with the legendary footwear brand, Vans, to create an NJ Co shirt and three limited edition brick embossed suede skate shoes: The Half Cab. The Slip On Pro and The Gilbert Crockett Hi. The shoes become available at NJ Skateshop in New Brunswick and Jersey City at 10 am March 20th online at the end of the day and at finer skate shops across America on March 27th. 

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